Seller FAQs

Q: How should I bring my items in?

A: We ask that your items be freshly laundered and brought in off hangers and in baskets or bins. All items should be in good condition and free from any stains, fading, holes, missing buttons, etc.


Q: How do you determine pricing?

A: We base our prices off of quality, condition, and desirability of the item. Typically we will price an item 70-80% of what the item will sell for in retail.


Q: How much will I be paid for my items?

A: Now sellers don’t need to wait for their items to sell. Sellers are given a bulk fee for all their items. You can either get cash at 25% of our selling price or Threads GC at 50% of our selling price. 


Q: How will I receive payment?

A: You will be paid out in cash on the spot or GC that does not expire. 


Q: How many items should I bring?

A: We have no minimum for the number of items you bring in to be evaluated/ curated. If you are bringing large quantities, kindly email so we can prepare the mall permit. 


Q: Do you only take designer clothing?

A: We take items from all brands if they are styles that we think will ensure the best value for you and our customers! We particularly like brands like: Zara, H&M, Zalora, Forever 21, Mango, NIke, Adidas.


Q: Are there any special consideration for Designer Bags & Shoes?

A: Yes, all designer bags & shoes are kept on a commission basis. Should you like to sell your designer bags and shoes with us - please turn in your items with either original duster and / or original certifications so we can ensure authenticity to sell it at the fastest. A separate process for this is followed, simply sign up with to sell designer shoes & bags.


Q: Why didn’t you take certain pieces of clothing?

A: Our skilled fashion buyers curate from current trends, condition of the item, and brand/quality. Because of our limited space, it’s not personal, we are just selective about intake.  


Q:What happens to my items you don’t take?

A: You have the choice to take back your items or if you wish join our P100 Charity Sale you can donate your items to this and all proceeds go to a chosen Charity of the year.